Intel Arc GPUs and OneAPI — Do They SYCL?

Intel Arc GPUs and OneAPI — Do They SYCL?

Running oneAPI C++ with SYCL code on Intel Arc and Iris Xe GPUs

Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash

oneAPI, featuring C++ with SYCL, enables the same accelerator code to run on a variety of GPU and CPU architectures. As promised in my last post about heterogeneous computing, this time we are going to use the new Intel® Arc™ GPU and oneAPI to see how SYCL plays with Intel Arc.

Intel Arc, Here GPU

The Intel Arc GPU we will be using comes in the form of an HP Envy 16″ laptop. It is powered by an Intel i7–12700H with 32GB of memory and has an Intel Arc A370M running driver version As usual, I purchased this hardware myself (aka laptop not provided by Intel) and everything in this post is something you can do yourself.

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